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    District Accreditation

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    As of December 2010 Vassar Public Schools has been awarded full accreditation under the AdvancEd and NCA Accreditation Model.


    The Accreditation model states we have met the

    Seven Standards for Effective School Districts:

    I.        Vision and Purpose

    II.         Governance and Leadership

    III.       Teaching and Learning

    IV.       Documenting and Using Results

    V.         Resource and Support Systems

    VI.       Stakeholder Communication and Relations

    VII.      Commitment to Continuous Improvement 


    Vassar Public Schools Was Commended for:


    n      A strong sense of community permeates the attitudes of the stakeholders as evidenced by active participation in student activities and support for district initiatives.


    n      Systematic process for curriculum development has been effectively implemented based upon the three pillars of improvement.


    n      A shared leadership model has been established that empowers teachers to become heavily involved in decisions that impact the curriculum and instructional practices.




    The AdvancEd Accreditation system is the world’s largest educational community.  It includes 27,000 public and private schools, 30 states, the Navajo Nation, the Department of Defense Educational Program, 65 countries, 15 million students, 18,000 volunteers and 3 million teachers.