• Welcome to the Vassar Public Schools Transportation Department 

    Vassar Public Schools owns and operates fifteen diesel school buses. Eleven are used daily for regular routes.   Three buses are used as spares in case of breakdowns or extra trips. Eight buses are 77 passenger, seven are 65 passenger and one is a special needs bus with a lift.
    In addition we have two morning Technology Center buses and one afternoon Technology Center bus that take high school students to Caro and back each day. Also, daily at 8:20 Lutheran students are shuttled to St. Luke’s in Vassar and to St. Michael’s in Richville. At 2:45 this shuttle brings those students back to Vassar to catch their buses home.
    At 3:00 we have an inter-school shuttle bus bring the B4K students from Townsend North to the bus compound.  In inclement weather, we send five buses to Central Elementary School to bring all bus students to the bus compound.
    In the 2013-2014 school year, our bus fleet traveled a total of 120,967 miles. This total was from the daily routes, special runs/shuttles, and sporting events.
    The oldest bus in our fleet was purchased in 1998; the newest 5 buses were purchased in 2016. All buses are inspected yearly by the Michigan State Police.
    We have a total of eleven (11) A.M. and P.M. bus drivers and one (1) sub bus driver. We have one bus Mechanic/Transportation Supervisor.
    Steve Wilkinson, Transportation Supervisor
    Babe Churcott, Secretary