• Parent Involvement

  • Wolverine Alternative Education

    School Level Parent Involvement Policy


    In adherence to the School District Parent Involvement Program, Wolverine Alternative Education strives to inform and involve our students’ parents/guardians.  Implementation of new activities/programs this school year will increase our interaction with our parents/guardians.  We will adhere to the NCLB parent involvement requirements for Title I schools.




    ·       to use a variety of communication methods for parent contact

    ·       to encourage parent interaction with the school

    ·       to assist parents/guardians in understanding the State’s Content Standards and State Assessments in monitoring their child’s progress

    ·       to implement new activities/programs for parent involvement

    ·       to create and implement program development for student achievement


    To Inform Our Parents We Will:


    ·        use Skyward Student Data System with Parent Access

    ·        establish e-mail to contact teachers and administrators

    ·        develop Website

    ·        schedule parent involvement meetings

    ·        hold Annual Title I parent meeting

    ·        send parents quarterly report cards


    To Involve Our Parents and Increase Interaction:


    ·        parents are encouraged to read all communications from the school, sign and return forms when required

    ·        parents will have the opportunity to attend conferences set up for the exchange of information of their child’s progress in school 

    ·        parents will be able to provide feedback through the annual parent survey

    ·        parents will have available open communication throughout the year through open house, conferences, phone calls, e-mail, IEPs, school website, and Skyward parent access.